a 3-part story

part one

In 2015, we (Sean, Rebecca, Skylar, Caleb, Ryder & Hailey Gafner) moved from Northern California to Southwest Longmont; little did we know the treasure in store for us in this hidden gem of Colorado.  Very quickly our neighbors became friends and those friends became family. Those of us that live in SWLO know what an awesome “district” of Longmont it is and we call it SWayLO!

part two

As a chef raised on the beaches of California, the rich seafood of the Pacific Ocean became my “soul food”.  As our family has recently traveled to Hawaii, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Cozumel, and Costa Rica, my desire to create a vibrant coastal dining experience has grown fierce.  In 2018, surrounded by some of the best professional bartenders in the state, the seed of a Tiki-themed restaurant and bar was planted and has been growing roots for years until the perfect hut was found at 1315 Dry Creek Road in Southwest Longmont.

Part three

With our first three restaurants, The Roost, Jefes & Smokin’ Bowls, we’ve made great strides to become more responsible, sustainable and generous year after year.  In 2017 we removed single use plastic from our restaurants to begin spreading awareness as well as reducing our negative contribution to global issues such as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  At all of our restaurants we’re committed to giving away 30% of our profits: 10% to non-profit organizations that we believe in, 10% to our local community, and 10% to our team members as bonuses for their hard work.  With great gratitude for our majestic Pacific Ocean, we knew that we wanted to give 10% of this restaurant’s profits towards cleaning up The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

So, who is Swaylo?  Anybody who enjoys escaping to tropical beaches and enjoying delicious food and refreshing drinks is Swaylo.  Anybody who believes neighbors can become family is Swaylo.  Anybody who is grateful for our oceans and willing to do their part to keep them vibrant is Swaylo.

are you swaylo?